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San Cristobal de Las Casas travel guide



San Cristobal de la Casas or simply "San Cris" is one of the most unique, fascinating and beautiful places in Mexico. It's naturally stunning, a mountain town surrounded by pine trees and nearby cloud forrest at 2,200 feet above sea level. I love the weather here, I've been many times, in all seasons and the air is always crisp and somewhat chilly making it perfect to enjoy coffee or hot chocolate from the region.

People who will love San Cris

People that are intellectuals, that studied arts and humanities, rebels, artists, musicians, liberals, people who don't follow trends. People who appreciate culture and indigenous traditions, linguist, alternative travelers and nature lovers! If this sounds like you I suggest visiting this beautiful city and it's surrounding areas! 

Getting there:  Fly in to Tuxtla Gutierrez airport. From the airport usually there will be a shared shuttle that takes you directly to San Cris (1 hr 15 min ) costing you ( $10 USD ) With Covid, private Taxi's may be the only option. 

Where to stay: 

There's a a ton of Airbnb options for amazing prices! Be sure to check them out considering your travel needs. 

Hotel Ganesh ($) 

Very affordable, super clean, with a hindu interior decor twist! Location is amazing, as it's only 2 blocks from the main cathedral. Perfect for someone who is just looking for a comfortable, clean, safe place to sleep! Bonus: They have different room option from shared rooms to shared bathroom to private room and bathroom. 

Hotel Sombra de Agua ($$) 

Loved this hotel! It's very comfortable, clean and everyone that works here is so kind, helpful and professional! I really enjoyed our room and the communal outdoor patio is simply stunning! I also enjoyed the bar that serves traditional Pox drinks, all in all really appreciated all the Chiapas decor and details of this establishment 

Hotel Bo ($$$$) 

I've never stayed here my self because of the steep price... but if money is not an issue I recommend staying here! Everyone that does raves about it. What I can tell you is that it's absolutely beautiful! 



El Caldero ($)  It's a classic! Remember how I mentioned San Cris's weather tends to be crisp and chilly? Well this restaurant caters to those craving a warm bowl of soup! They have about 15 Mexican soup options (caldos) they are all delicious! They have; meat options, seafood and vegetarian caldos! Liked by locals and travelers alike!

El Tacoleto ($)  This is the taco place I recommend because let's face it we all want to eat tacos at least once in Mexico! El Tacoleto is delicious, clean and customer service is amazing, a must when visiting San Cris.

Bla Bla Bla ($) The name is funny but the food is quite simple and to me it's comfort Mexican food, nothing pretentious just authentic Mexican flare! The prices are amazing too!

Kukulpan ($ I love this place! It's cheap and they have a lot of healthy options, I especially love this place for lunch, I highly recommended for those looking to eat healthy and vegetarians. 

 La Colmena ($)  This is my breakfast recommendation, there are so many good breakfast options in town really,  but this is a reliable one, set in a good atmosphere in a central location. They have a breakfast buffet option that is always a good idea!

Teddy's ($$)  Korean, like as authentic Korean as you will get in Mexico! Let's be honest sometimes you want something other than Mexican food when you are in Mexico! So in times like this I highly recommend Teddy's, the ingredients are so fresh and top quality! The ambience is beautiful, calm and zen, I'm sure they hired a feng shui expert!

Bangkok ($$)  This is another one of those amazing restaurants that is a good option when you are looking for something other than Mexican food! Food is amazing and it's inside the hip "Esquina San Agustin" which is a modern indoor food market.  

Restaurante Lum ($$$)   This is inside the posh Hotel Bo, as expected the food is really good, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is in a beautiful setting and they offer traditional Mexican options with a modern twist! Also has a great bar so you can just go and enjoy a drink. 


 Dinner @ Teddy's                                



"El Caldero"

Lunch @ "El Caldero"


Here's one thing you must know about coffee and Chiapas; This state produces most of the coffee in Mexico, coffee from this region tends to be really good. So when you go to Chiapas you must try the local coffee. Here are some options!

Yik Cafe ($)   Yik has been one of my favorite since I went to San Cris back in 2007! It's a simple place not pretentious at all that does coffee right! the Iced mocha is my favorite, they also offer breakfast. 

Frontera ($$)  Is a nice coffee shop that not only offers local coffee but also sells juices and smoothies, there's a nice travelers ambiance and good music; think manu chao, bob marley etc. 

Cafeologia ($$) A bit more hipster but also focuses on coffee from Chiapas. This is a modern, clean, chic coffee shop that strives on educating you on the coffee you drink!

Amor negro cafe ($$)   This place is a good option, pro tip is that I have found they have the best wifi in town! It's inside the "esquina San Agustin" I highly recommend going at least once!

Cacao Nativo ($$) This is one of my favorite places in San Cris and I usually go everyday! This is more of a Hot chocolate place than it is a "coffee shop" but I absolutely love their cacao concussions. 


Hot Chocolate @ Cacao Nativa 

 Menu @ Yik Cafe                                         Latte @ Amor Negro Cafe 



Here's another Chiapas tip, if you come to the state, you can't leave without trying the local sprits; "Pox" and "Comitan" These are not nearly as popular as tequila and mezcal but I highly recommend asking for these in bars around town. Best way to try them is pure in a shot form ( but drink them slowly you're not in your frat days)


Comiteco and Pox @ " La Espirituosa" 

La Espirituosa  I love this place, not to mention they do free "pox" tastings, the owner and staff are a wealth of knowledge on Pox and the ambience is eclectic and authentic. I highly recommend visiting before leaving San Cris.

Bar Revolucion  This is establishment is now a classic, the location is ideal, it's chill and has good energy. The food is surprisingly good! ( Considering I don't have high expectations for bar food) This is also a must in San Cris. 

La Vina del Bacco  This is an excellent place when you want to sit outdoors in one of the andadores, good drinks and wine selection and from what I recall, they give you a free "tapa" with every drink.

Hope you enjoy this brief brief guide, if you have any specific questions about San Cristobal please feel free to reach out!