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Mazapan by Elisa

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Our Mazapan (marzipan) is a typical Mexican candy (sweet), made with 100% natural selected seeds, which provide a high energy content, vitamin E and the perfect sugar balance since they're sweetened with Stevia offering a low glycemic value safe for diabetics.
Stevia contributes zero calories to your diet and is the only natural sweetener completely safe for regular and lifelong consumption when sugar is contraindicated, as is the case of diabetics and people who follow a prolonged weight loss diet.
Stevia is a powerful antioxidant about 7 times more potent than green tea, it helps in the absorption of fats, is anti-acid and facilitates digestion.

Our Mazapanes are a good snack for the health and well-being of people who are aware of their consumption of sugar in their diet, regulate digestion and lower triglycerides.