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Red clay (small plate) - colibrilove
Red clay (small plate) - colibrilove

Red clay (small plate)

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We love these small plates that can be used as  coffee mug saucers or serving snacks! Each one is  made by indigenous women artisans in Tlapazola, Oaxaca. This item is not only beautiful and practical but also amazing because of the elaborate technique it takes to make each piece. Artisan women go to great lengths to make each red clay item.

How it's made: Women begin by taking a long journey to a mountain region where they find the primary material which is red dirt. Once this is gathered they take the dirt back to their town where they begin preparing it until it becomes clay, once the clay is ready artisans begin crafting dinnerware and other beautiful pieces. Each product is hand molded, once enough pieces are crated the "quema" firing process begins. These women don't have expensive kilns instead they use an ancestral technique to make an insulated fire where their pottery will be fired for various hours. This is the final and perhaps the most crucial and defining step. Once the "quema" is over the pieces  are ready! 


Diameter: 5.5" inches 


Please note: Do not use in dishwasher or microwave.