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About us:

We are a small company based out of both sunny Southern California and lush Southern Mexico.

 Colibri was created out of passion for travel, culture and handmade crafts that tell stories. I began appreciating folk art and handmade goods while backpacking  through Latin America, always finding my way to "mercados" in every town and city;  I would spend hours at these market places and wished I was able to bring all these world treasures with me. I would come home to California after those long backpacking trips but never forgetting about all the beautiful colors, textiles, wood work, weaving and pottery that I saw while traveling in Latin America. I dreamed about somehow being able to share more about the handmade goods from Mexico where my family is from but also other countries in  central and south America that have beautiful and rich history of folk art. 

Currently we carry goods from: Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama and Peru, each country has it's own style and traditional goods that we would like to share with you!

 All  our goods are handmade and follow fair trade practices, we try to sell goods that have a low impact on our environment and work with artisans from Latin America in hopes of promoting and cultivating their craft. Our mission is that  you get to travel through our products and learn more about a country through our goods

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The Colibri team