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About us:

Colibri was created out of love for travel, culture and appreciating handmade products. I first discovered my love for textiles, handmade goods and products that tell beautiful stories on a backpacking trip to Mexico and Central America in 2007. Flash forward, many things happened since. I continued traveling and living in Latin America, I graduated college, worked random jobs, had a stable corporate job until finally in 2017 I decided I had to find my purpose and work on that. I studied Sociology in college which naturally made me very interested in social justice and income inequality. I thought about Colibri and how this could be an opportunity to be a social entrepreneur and promote artisan work in developing countries. 

 Our commitment to artisans:

We currently sell products from; Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua.Our products are always handmade and follow fair trade practices, we never haggle our artisans for price, as we are well aware that everything that is handmade takes hours and hours of work. Most  artisans are women, and most of them work out of their home allowing for sustainable and safe work practices. Our goal is to promote and  sell their quality products so the artisans can sustain making their craft. We help out artisans by purchasing their products but also invest 10% of sales back in artisan communities.

About Me.

I was born and raised in Southern California, my parents migrated to California from Mexico like many immigrants  they too were in search of the American dream and a better quality of life. My parents showed me how to be a hard worker by example and also encouraged me to give back when ever possible. As a millennial this is my version of giving back and making a social impact in the lives of artisans in Latin America.  

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-The colibri team