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Colibri cultural travel guides



 Welcome wanderlust!

We are excited you've found the travel section on our website! Every week we will add a  free travel guide to a new destination. Colibri was originally born out of love for travel so we are happy to share info, tips and recommendations on travel through Latin America. We have traveled extensively through Latin America and lived in; Mexico, Colombia and Brasil. We will only do guides of the places we ourselves have been to and recommend!

Our focus is to promote real cultural experiences in these destinations; aiming to give you more of a local feel whenever possible while keeping safety and possible language barriers in mind. We also find ways to make your travel experience eco friendly. We really encourage everyone who decides to travel to these destinations to always, be RESPECTFUL to the town/city and most of all to be respectful to locals, flora & fauna and be aware of culture differences and norms. 

 Please send us an e-mail at : to put in your travel guide request on a specific place in Latin America! Chances are we have been there and can include a guide as fast as possible or reach out to friends that can contribute. 

Our hope is that you have these mini travel guides handy when we can all resume safe travels once this global pandemic allows us to! 


Lili- your fellow wanderlust