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Guanajuato city Part 2. Bars & cafes


Guanajuato cultural city guide Part 2. 

Guanajuato city is a big university city amongst everything else that it represents! I think this is one of the reasons it has many bars. I attribute the cafes to the strong bohemian presence in this magical city. Here's a list of some of my favorite bars and cafes. 


Bar tradicional Luna ($$$)  This is a nice outside indoor/outdoor establishment its located in the Hotel Luna which is in the middle of the "Jardin de la union" I love it here because you have a million dollar view of the park, Teatro Juarez, and the Pipila, A bonus is hearing live Mariachi.

La Inundacion de 1905 ($$) This is one of my favorite bars, i recommend sitting outside in the individual or communal tables. It's located in my favorite plaza (square) " Plaza San Fernando" It's a beautiful square that lets you admire everyday simple Mexican living and understand Mexican culture a bit more. When you are there please try mescal and the traditional pre hispanic beverage called "Pulque" ( Pulqe requires an entire article) 

Bar Fly ($) Bar Fly is not for EVERYONE, it tends to attract younger crowds, older Mexican hippies and international alternative tourists, it's a bit stuffy, it's located in the upstairs of one of the side streets from the city center. They tend to have live reggae music and cheap beers! I spent a lot of time here when I was 19 and loved it but now value personal space and avoid feeling claustarphobic.

Bar La Champa ($$) This is a mellow all around bar, It's located in "plaza el barbital" I love the music they play, described as somewhere and Mexican Indie music. An interesting fact about this place is that during the day they sell fresh squeezed juice and at night it becomes a cool bar! 

La Clave azul ($$) - You can't go to Guanajuato with out going to " La clave azul" you will get the bohemian vibe in all it's glory that I've been talking about in this bar alone! It's a bit hidden but ask any local, and they will guide their way.

Bartola sky bar ($$) I don't have much more to say about this place other that it's a really cool rooftop bar with amazing views of the city! It's worth going there!






Cafe tal ($) Cafe tal has now become a Guanajuato classic, to this day this place has one of my favorite mochas in the world! I used to have a lot study/ homework sessions there back when I was a student, and students still go there now! Coffee is amazing! Please go.

El Lechon ilustardo ($) This place is quite hipster but I dig it! Even the name is hipster, they have a good beverage selection of coffees and tea's they have a mini library of interesting books and if you sit down and listen to the conversations of other patrons you will notice the conversations tend to be deep about the universe, surreal art, and alternative lifestyles... yeah just one of those places!

Dolcets ($) It's very cute inside and out, looks like something from a Mexican fairytale, the building is rosa mexicano ( bright pink) with turquoise trim! I had a good esspresso drink here once!