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Valle de Guadalupe/ Ensenada Travel guide

Valle de Guadalupe is a good weekend getaway specially for those of us that live in SO CAL. Valle as people know it, is considered by many as the "Napa Valley" of Mexico. It has tons of wineries and more coming each year. The food scene is spectacular given the geographic location. It's rustic, beautiful and a delicious food destination that we highly recommend! 

In this guide you will find overall travel tips, restaurant and winery recommendations. We hope you find this guide useful as you head out south! All though our guide mainly focuses on "Valle de Guadalupe" we have included some Ensenada options due to the proximity and the fact that many people stay in Ensenada. 

Let's get started with some restaurants! 



La Cocina de Doña Esthela ($) Breakfast and Lunch 

We love this place, it's good, casual and authentic. It's not glamorous but the flavors are really good here. You are welcomed with farm fresh cheese as a courtesy. The place is known for it's Barbacoa/Birria we highly recommend that and the corn pancakes! We suggest making this stop for either breakfast or lunch.

Huevo Republic ($$) Breakfast/ Brunch 


This is right on the main road going from Ensenada to Valle, as the name suggest this place is full of egg entrees. They have your traditional, chilaquiles, ham and eggs and huevos rancheros, along with some regional northern Mexico options such as " Machaca de Marlin" you really can't go wrong here, plus make sure you try their "cafe de olla" it's a Mexican breakfast classic if you don't know about it already! 

"El Trailero" ($) Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Late night  (Ensenada) 

You can't go to Mexico and not have tacos! It's just common sense, so we recommend checking out "El Trailero" It's a popular belief in Mexico that if you are on the road and see a lot of trailers stopping at a particular road stop restaurant it means that the restaurant is very good because the truck drivers know the best places! This is one of those places! We recommend getting tacos on a flour tortilla here!

Please note: Usually open to the early morning hours. 

"La Guerrerense" ($$) (Lunch)  (Downtwon Ensenada) 

This is a popular destination amongst tourist, perhaps got a lot of attention because of Anthony Bourdain, either way it is a good experience to get to try a lot of Mexican Seafood specialities. They have a lot of Tostada options, and Mexican shrimp cocktail etc.

Tacos Fenix ($) (Downtown Ensenada) 

You also can't go to Ensenada without trying fish tacos! Just don't, in fact many people say that the famous beer battered fish taco as we know it was invented in Ensenada. We don't know this for sure but you must try them while your stay in Ensenada. For this we recommend Tacos Fenix! 

Cuatro Cuatros ($$$) Lunch/ Dinner 

This place is simply beautiful, perched on top of a hill where you will have spectacular views of the pacific ocean. It's rustic in a glamorous way if you know what I mean? The food is very fresh and good. This place has become really popular recently and requires weeks in advance to score a reservation. 

Please note: This place is also a hotel. RESERVE AHEAD OF TIME 

Fauna ($$$$) 

Another place that requires a reservation way ahead of time! Fauna is my choice for a "Farm to Table" experience, the chef is very experienced and you will tell in the way food is combined and executed. They have an "Experimental Daily Menu" but also offer a la carte options. The atmosphere is magical, service is excellent. A must specially if you are celebrating a special occasion. 

Note: Recommend dinner around sunset- you can thank me after. RESERVE AHEAD OF TIME 


Finca Altozano ($$$) 

This is one of my favorite places. I love the menu here, this is a place I come time after time and have always been pleased. Food is very good and setting is very relaxing since it's a "Restaurante Campestre" meaning there is a big outdoor experience here, there is a roof but restaurant is outdoors so you can really enjoy the vines, the valley and the views!


Monte Xanic ($$) - This is a beautiful winery! The wine itself is really popular amongst Mexican locals. 

Bodegas de Santo Tomas ($$)- Has been around since 1888 making it one of the oldest wineries in Mexico. The tasting room is quite big and modern. The wine is pleasant and decently priced, this is one of the first wineries/tasting rooms on the Road going from Ensenada to Valle de Guadalupe. 

Vena Cava ($$)- The wine here is one of my favorites in Valle! The place is nice and has a relaxing vibe, in the middle of nowhere where you will get to truly admire and appreciate de Valle de Guadalupe landscape, terroir and valley sky! There is usually a Dj set on weekends.



Las Nubes Bodegas y Vinedos ($)

This is another place that is very relaxing, the perk here is the view of the valley, it's perched on a hill so you get to admire the surrounding beauty! The wine is good and balanced and has a couple charcuterie board options that are delicious featuring regional organic cheese!

Finca la Carodilla ($) 

I couldn't leave my eco conscious people out of this guide! If you are looking for an organic vineyard this is the places! It prides itself in making wine using biodynamic farming methods which is more sustainable and preferable for the environment. 

Bruma ($$)  Their tasting room is classy yet rustic and wines are balanced. You will notice, there is a restaurant on site (Fauna) this is also a hotel! Everything here is fabulous cant go wrong in this property! Just make sure you make reservations before going!

Where to stay. 

There are so many great airbnb's in the region

You can also stay at a hotel in Ensenada 

-Or Glamp in Valle de Guadalupe!