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Guanajuato city Part.1 Hotels and Restaurants

Guanajuato city culture guide

Guanajuato capital cultural guide Part 1

Guanajuato city! Oh where to begin with this beautiful place. I've always said that Guanajuato is my favorite city in Mexico. It's absolutely stunning and charming but some how has not been so popular amongst the international community, and hey maybe that's a good thing right? Perhaps this is why prices are still reasonable compared to say near by San Miguel de Allende or Oaxaca. 

People who fall in love with Guanajuato tend to be: True bohemians, searching for authenticity and culture. Guanajuato is full of unpretentious  cafes, bars and restaurants. Walk through the cobblestone streets that are colorful and vibrant transporting you to a different era, perhaps that of Mexico in the late 1800's. The city it self is nestled between hills and the weather is more or less always pleasant. The locals are very kind and respectful making it a very safe place to travel. 

I first fell in love with this city in 2004 when I was 19 and visited for the first time. I arrived and instantly knew I wanted to live there some day!  So I moved there in 2005 and been going back from time to time. I hope you enjoy this small guide of the city. Keeping foreigners in mind by aiming towards getting a cultural and somewhat local experience. 

What to do and sight seeing: I'm not going in to detail with this topic as I want this guide to be relatively short but I do recommend simply walking around the city center of this lovely place. Your starting point can be the "Teatro Juarez" and wander off from there!

Will make a different Guanajuato guide for bars and cafes 

Please note: I've been to all the places on this list and giving an honest opinion. Using $ to signl price range.




Where to stay:

Airbnb-  ($) You can find amazing options on airbnb  please see link for some I've stayed in.

Hotel Meson Cuevano ($$)   Very clean, spacious and centrally located on a side street that is close to everything yet quiet enough so you can sleep at night!

Hotel Luna- ($$$)  Beautiful old world charm hotel, the rooms are very comfortable and spacious, this hotel is right on the "jardin de la union" where all the action is happening, if you get a balcony room you can open the tall French doors and see an amazing view. Hospitality was incredible here. Please note: This hotel is literally in the middle of everything, I don't recall noise being an issue but please inquire before booking. 







El Paisa tacos ($) Let's face it everyone is looking for good tacos when visiting Mexico, I mean they are delicious and usually wont break the bank! All in all I recommend tacos “El Paisa” I'm extremely picky with tacos and still looking for the best taco, but these def. are a good option. Centrally located too. 

Mercado Hidalgo ($) This is a good option for breakfast and lunch, price is very affordable, you can usually eat a meal for less than $5 and can find anything from chilaquiles to a fried fish meal. I don't remember the names of specific stalls but you will have to just walk around all of them and judge for your self, going of cleanliness and options. NOTE: The mercado life is not for everyone, if you have high expectations and are avid on giving negative yelp reviews please don't eat here. 

Las cruces ($) This is a great option if you want to experience the "comida corrida" or "menu del dia" experience, basically you pay a fixed  amount  and you get the daily pre fixed menu that includes; a small soup, the main dish and an "agua fresca" the food here is very tasty, basically I used to eat 5 out of 7 days here when I lived in Guanajuato. 

Gorditas del Baratillo ($) This one is a bit hard to explain, it's not the name of an establishment rather a few food vendors that sell different option at the "plaza baratillo" once you arrive at this small plaza the food vendors will be between "Los Campos  and La Champa" they women sell; gorditas, quesadillas, tacos with different filling (guisos) that you choose.

La Vela $$- This is a good spot for seafood, they offer Mexican shrimp cocteles, ceviche and fish tacos, I've only had the battered fish and shrimp tacos. 

Truco 7 $$ This place is a classic, liked by both locals and tourist alike, think antique shop meets a Mexican restaurant and you get “el Truco 7” food is authentic and good, this place serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It used to be one of my favorite but I had bad customer service last time, I'm sure it was just an off day. I will continue going and encourage you to visit as well!

Los Huacales $$- Very cute, very clean and perfect for snacks, they offer very traditional "antojitos" such as; sopes, flautas, soup of the day, huarache etc. It's very casual but centrally located as well, perfect for a mid day snack when you're looking for smaller food options. 

Delica Mitsu $$ This is supposed to be Japanese restaurant all though the authenticity if definitively questionable, I really enjoyed the concept and the vibe, it's literally a whole in the wall, tucked in one of the many "callejones" food is good for the most part!

Los Campos $$$ This place is my favorite I went since it first opened a few years ago and continue going every time! Food is so good, and you can tell the ingredients are fresh and good quality. The drinks are amazing, place is super clean, chic and romantic. Basically if I had a restaurant this is what I would want it to look like!